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Do you have a problem with squirrel? If the answer to the question is yes, please read the entire article. Squirrel might be cute and harmless, but it can do the plenty of damage to the property. Therefore, remove the unwanted squirrels so your life will be in peace forever.

There are some options to get rid of squirrel. One of the most popular is the mouse trap. What is the correlation between mouse and squirrel? How can mouse trap get rid of squirrel? The weight and the height of squirrel is not that different compared to mouse. This thing what makes mouse trap can be used to trap squirrel. The mouse trap to trap squirrel is known as the Mouse Trap Squirrel.

Squirrel Mouse Trap
Apparently, there are several kinds of traps available. According to some experts, the live ones are the ideal one for the human removal. The most important thing about the live trap is that it should be big enough so the entire animal can fit inside the trap before it gets the trigger plate. Actually, the size is different, depending on the size of the squirrel in your area. For your reference, you can look for squirrel mouse trap video and watch it online.

The first thing you have to do to use the trap is to determine the trap placement. Some great locations are along the wall in the attic, shed, or crawlspace, in front of the entryway, at the base of the tree, along the fence line nearby the frequented bird feeder, the spot on the roof accessible by the tree or power lines. Second, select and position the bait. Squirrels are known as the wide variety of food eaters. However, their favorite ones are nuts, seeds, grains, herbs, fruits, and soft vegetables. It is better for you to wear the gloves when baiting the trap. It is the best way to do so you do not leave your scent on it. For your information, squirrels usually are able to perceive the human scents and might not be fooled. Third, set the trap. Please set it carefully so it can work well. Fourth, check on the trap often. This step is to check if there is squirrel in mouse trap. It will be such an inhuman to leave an animal like squirrel in trapped for the period of time as it can quickly grow hungry, thirsty, or anxious. If there is a squirrel caught, please wear gloves and hold the trap to avoid the contact with that animal. You have to know that the bite of squirrel can lead to injury or disease. Once you released squirrel, please disinfect the trap to prevent the spreading of disease.

That is the traditional way to trap the squirrel using the mouse trap. Some people use the electric mouse trap to trap one. It is highly not recommended as it can torture the squirrel. Do not forget that getting rid of squirrel does not mean killing them.

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