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When we realize that there are rodents infestation in our house, of course we want to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are so many options to get rid of rodents. You can buy the trap from the store, use kitchen materials, call the exterminator or even you can create a do-it-yourself live mouse trap. But, the important thing that you have to determine is about the safety. When you decide to buy a mouse trap from the store or even call the exterminator, is that safe for your pets and kids at your house? So, we will give you solution how to do pet friendly mouse control.

If you are afraid that the trap that you buy or create can harm your kids and pets, you don’t need to use both of them. What kinds of pets do you have? If your pet is not a cat, from now you can start to get a cat in your house as your new pet. It is safe way to get rid of mice with pets. Cats like to catch mice and mice do not like to be eaten by cats. If you decide to get a cat, you have to remove all the traps, baits and poisons from your home that were used by you to get rid of the mice. So, those things will not injure your cat when they are catching the mice.

Pet Safe Mouse Trap
An electronic trap is also a good solution to get rid of rodents. It is pet-safe, kid-safe, and easy to dispose of. It will kill the mice quickly and cleanly without using poison. It is also easy to set up and ideal because it will automatically shuts off and prevents accidental zapping. This option is little bit more expensive than the other traps but it is well worth the money since it gets the job done effectively. Then, can mouse traps injure cats? If you use snap traps, it can injure your cat or pets so you have to be careful when you are using it. But, this electronic trap will not injure the cat because it is pet-safe.

Then, you can also use trap that you can buy in online store such as Havahart mouse trap. The mouse trap with 2 doors like this is designed and tested in the field by trapping professionals. The trap is established to target and trap the smallest critters easily. The trip plate is also sensitive enough that even the lightest animals like voles and mice can effectively trigger the metal door closed. The mesh openings of the cage are also smaller than competing traps so that the mice cannot steal the bait.

Peppermint oil is also a good preventative measure to keep mice out of your cabinets. Why? Because it has a strong odor but it is not too overbearing. You can dab some drops on some cottons and set it inside the cabinet. You have to make sure that it is a good dab since the mice love cotton but dislike peppermint.

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