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You probably want to get rid of mice in your house because you are worried that they can damage your furniture further. But, the question is, is there a trap that will not kill the mice? As we know that when we use trap that can make them dead, the dead mouse will produce bad smell which then it will be another task for us. Do not think about how to get rid of the dead mice smell anymore because here we are going to give you information about humane mouse traps that work. You can buy this trap or even make it by yourself.

If you prefer to make it than buying the trap to save your money, you can make it by using the things at your home.

  1. First, you have to prepare a finished cardboard roll. A toilet tissue roll or kitchen paper towel roll is ideal.
  2. After that, you need to squash the cardboard tube to make it flattened down one side. It is purposed to form a flat surface at the base of the tube while leaving a small tunnel for the mouse to scuttle through.
  3. Next, put the bait into one end of the tube. The bait can be peanut butter, cheese or anything that has delicious smell. Anyway, this trap is economical than human mouse trap Home Depot.
  4. Next, put the tube over the edge of a countertop or table so that it will balance precariously. You have to make sure that the end with the bait is hanging into the air.
  5. Put a tall waste bin under the lip of the countertop or table over which you have balanced the tube. Then, leave it set up overnight.
  6. The mouse should be drawn by the bait and then it will run into the tube trap. Then, the trap will tip the mouse into the waste bin. In the morning when you find that the cardboard tube is in the waste bin, it means it worked. For disposing the trapped mouse, you have to wear gloves or you can bring the waste bin outside and tip it on its side. Then, let the mouse run free. Remember, you have to dispose it far away from your house to avoid it coming again.

If you do not want to get rid of mouse by creating trap like above or by DIY mouse trap bottle, you can buy Smart Mouse Trap. You can get it online from Amazon for $9.66. It is ideal for all animal lover because it will not kill the mice. It senses when the mouse gets into to retrieve the bait and snaps the door shut. The mouse will stay in the trap while enjoying the bait until you come and release it in a safe place. To use this trap, you just put a saltine cracker in the bait holder and then set the trap. You need to check it frequently. Take the live mouse which is still trapped, to the wooded or brushy area by opening the door of the trap. You can also put it in your garden. Who knows you find squirrel in mouse trap. Humane societies and animal rights organizations in the U.S. and worldwide support this mouse trap because it will not kill the mouse.

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