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Talk about mouse in a real life, most of us seem to be disgusted. Mouse is dirty because usually it lives in a dirty environment. If mouse lives in your house, it can damage anything including furniture and your food stock. Even it can damage your wires by gnawing them. Then, the worse thing is that mouse can distribute some diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, and rat-bite fever.

Hantavirus is usually carried by the white-footed mouse, cotton rat and rice rat. The virus can be transmitted to people when the mouse waste is stirred up and then it becomes airborne and is breathed in. Salmonella is also spread via contact with rodent waste. The symptoms are vomiting, nausea, chills, diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps. Rat-bite fever can happen to the people who has been bitten and infected by mouse. The symptoms are muscle pain, fever, skin rash, and arthritis.

Math Playground Trap The Mouse
Even though a lot of people hate on mouse, but there are so many creative people that make this small animal as cartoon character or games. You can find mouse in Tom and Jerry for example and you can also find mouse in math playground which is trap the mouse game. In the game, you have to tap the hexagonal tiles to establish your blockade. You need to trap the mouse but the mouse wants to escape. You will need to stay at least one step ahead of the mouse. In this game you work on problem solving, logical thinking, and spatial reasoning. You will have to click the hexagonal which is the best mouse trap ever in this game so that the mouse will be trapped and it cannot go anywhere again. For the first trial perhaps you are still confused how to block the mouse because you always end up with game over. Actually, when you build the trap, you have to think about the strategy. Well, it is better if you click on the very far hexagonal first and then continue to another hexagonal to make a circle trap. If you make the trap from the far hexagonal it will trap the mouse. When the mouse goes to another place it will be blocked by the trap. Then, we can trap the mouse in smaller and smaller trap and then finally the mouse will be trapped at all.

In Math Playground, you can find the other math games from grade 1 to grade 6. It is a famous learning site that contains of math games, logic puzzles, step-by-step instructional videos, math practice and any kinds of problem solving activities. Math playground supplies a safe place for kids to study and explore math concepts online at their own pace by doing trap the mouse beanie baby. This game was made by a math teacher, Colleen King in 2002 for her students. Then, this game has grown to unclude a wide variety of math topics from problem solving and mathematical art to real world math and also thinking games. So, if you are looking for games that can also help you in exploring math concept, cool math games trap the mouse can be your choice. You can visit to play the games. Have fun!

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