How to Get Rid of Rats Using Household Items

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Rats are animals that can disturb you because they can damage furniture at your house by gnawing them. Rats need shelter, water and enough food to survive. Those three items are available at your home which means your home is a good place for them to live. Norway rats and Roof rats are the most commonly found species of rats. Different from a naked mole rats that hairless, Norway rats and Roof rats have hair so that you have to be careful also about their mites.

Because their existence is very annoying and also they can distribute more than 20 diseases, you really have to get rid of them immediately. If you use poison, it can leave you with a dead rats stinking up your walls. Then, if you call an exterminators perhaps you are worried that the price is very expensive. So, it is better if you save your money for another important thing. But, how to get rid of rats in your house without having to waste money? Well, you can use household items. The things that you need are wide ruler, nuts, and rubbish bin. How to do that? Follow the instruction below.

  1. For indoor trap, the first thing that you can do is laying a wide ruler by the edge of a table. Then, put several nuts on one end of the ruler.
  2. After that, slide the end of the ruler with the nuts over the edge of the table until you discover its tipping point. Then, balance the ruler so any extra weight on the end would cause it to fall off the table.
  3. Now, put a tall rubbish bin under the end of the ruler where it reaches from the table. Rats will run across the ruler to get the nuts and their weight will tip ruler off the table and into the rubbish bin.
  4. You have to check the trap daily. Then if you find that rats are trapped there, dispose them in wild areas far from your home. When you dispose them, make sure that you wear gloves.

Beside by using those items, you can also experiment with scented items that are available at your kitchen such as peppermint oil, pepper, and onions.

· Peppermint oil
By using peppermint, it can prevent rats because they cannot stand the pungent smell. You just need to dip several cotton balls in the peppermint oil and put them in the rat prone places.

· Pepper
Sprinkle some pepper that has been crushed around the corners and holes where they live. The smell of pepper will make them hard to breathe.

· Onions
Slice an onion and keep it inside their holes.

Now, you have known how to catch a mouse with Household Items and you can try to apply the methods above to get rid of rats. Rats are dangerous because they can damage your furniture and also spread some diseases. If you do not want to do those methods because you are afraid of disposing the dead rats, you can call professional exterminators to solve your rats problem and you have to be ready for paying them.

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