How to Get Rid of Rats Outside

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If you know that there are rats in your yard, you have to act immediately to get rid of the rats. It is because rats can damage anything in your yard. They can damage the fruits and vegetables that grow in your garden. Furthermore, if they start gnawing on your wiring, it can make electrical fires if they make a way into your home. They also can bring disease into the yard which can give the effect to your children and your pets. Because rats multiple very fast it means the longer you ignore the problem, the worse it will become. There are several effective ways that you can do to get rid of rats in the outside especially in the yard.

– Keep the garbage inside the waste bin with securely closing lids. You need to stop giving the rats  food by closing the waste bin securely. If you do not close the waste bin with the lids securely, it will give the chance for the rats to enter to that waste bin and they will look for food there. If you do not close the waste bin securely, you will also allow the food contents to spill out into the yard and then it send an aromatic signal to the rats that there is free chow for the asking in and around the waste bins in your yard. So, you have to make sure that you seal your food garbage in plastic bags before you put it into the waste bin and make sure that you keep your waste bin covered adequately sealed so that there is no food or enticing litter that will attract rats to your yard. If you find rats in the house how to get rid of them, you can read our another article.

How to Get Rid of Rats Outside

– You can create an environment that does not encourage rats to make a home in your yards by placing bird feeders on poles where the seed is not accessible to rats; planting shrubs, bushes and big plants at least 3 feet away from all buildings; piling up firewood at least 18 inches off of the ground and keep it some feet away from your house.

– Make the rats out of yard and away from plant by planting mint around your yard to create a barrier that rats will not cross; mixing together naphthalene flakes, chili pepper and gypsum, and scatter the mixture around the yard to keep the rats out; and trying to spray urine from a predator on trees, bushes or the ground on the perimeter of your yard. Then, reapply the scent every time it rains.

– Try to adopt a dog. It is better from your local animal shelter. Rats will not gather where dog rules the roost.

Those are several methods that you can try to get rid of the rats. You can try from the first method and if it does not work then you can go on to the other methods. Or even you can try all the methods so that you can really get rid of the rats quickly. So, happy trying!

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