How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

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It is very disgusting when we know that there are rats at our home. For your information, rats can carry more than 20 types of diseases that is dangerous to the human body. So, you need to get rid those rats if you find that rats live at your house. But, never let them go without killing them because they can come back again to their nest in your home and then they can spread diseases. So, you need to kill them. Below, we have prepared some methods that you can do to get rid of rats naturally.

– You can discourage the rats by keeping your home clean. Rats will be drawn into homes to look for food. If they cannot find anything, rats will be less likely to stay. So, you also need to put all of the food properly in airtight containers or in a places which are safe from rats attack. If you want to know how to get rid of rats outside the house, you can read another article in this site.

– You can apply peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is a natural preventer and the smell of it is very intense for rats so that they will not try to go near it. You are able to buy the peppermint oil in several grocery stores or in health food stores. Then, how to apply it?

How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally

– You can place a drop or two on a cotton ball.

– Then, put a cotton ball under or near your trash bin to deter rats from getting into it.

– After that, put the cotton balls in the places where rats possibly get into your house, by doorways, or heat vents, etc.

– You have to note that peppermint oil cotton must be replaced after 5 to 7 days, depending on the quantity of oil that you put on it.

– You can also try growing peppermint plants near the entryways. You are able to use the mint in cooking and also it serving a deterrent purpose.

– Try to kill rats with ultrasonic sounds. There are electronic units that can radiate an ultrasonic beeping sound which rats do not like. They are usually available at your local home improvement store or online. They will work only on a single line of sight. It means you need to know the exact path the rats are taking. The units may only work for a short time since rats can be used to them.

– Try to use a commercial, organic deterrent. You can find the deterrent in a lot of companies which specialize in organic garden and home products. These are usually better for the environment than traditional poisons. A lot of these products use natural ingredients like peppermint which are known to be disagreeable to rats. You have to note that they will not kill rats but they should keep them out of places where the product is applied. In case you want to use a specific product, you can try to search it in the internet to check where it is available.

So, which methods will you try to apply? You are able to try to apply the first method in advance. If, it does not work well, you can try the other methods.

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