How to Get Rid of Rats in The Walls

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Some people perhaps wonder how to know that there are rats in their house. Some people are perhaps confused as well how to tell if there are rats in the walls. If you hear the sound of scratching in your wall actually at night, it can refer that there are rats in your home. Moreover, if you also find the other signs of rats such as their droppings, their nests, gnawed wires, or even seeing them directly when they are running around your house it also means that rats really live in your house. Rats can live anywhere in your house such as in the wall, in the roof, or in basement. Usually they come to your house through pipes, wires, or gaps at roof edges.

It is very annoying and also disgusting to have rats because rats can damage any furniture in your house and also give diseases. So, you really need to get rid of them. In this article, we are going to give you a method to get rid of rats in the walls. We also will share the tips how to find dead rats in the walls. So, how to get rid of rats in the walls? Follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to drill a hole that is in nickel size in the drywall. It is about some inches above your floor.
  2. Then, put an appropriate hole on the side of a cardboard box. Fill the box with a rat trap that is food-scented. Then, cover the top of the box with transparent cellophane and secure the box in the wall.
  3. After several days, you can check via the cellophane to see whether a rat has taken the bait or not. Or even the rats can be trapped in less than an hour. So, several hours after you put the trap you can check it, too. You are able to repeat this process until you are sure that all of the rats in your walls really get out.
  4. If you are sure that there are no rats anymore, you can patch the hole in the drywall with sealant and you also need to inspect the roof of your house for spots where rats could have possibly slipped through.

Rats really need to be eliminated or you will get mole rat disease. If you think that there are dead rats in your walls by smelling their corpse, do not leave them rot inside your wall. It is because the corpse of rat can attract fleas immediately. So, you can use an electronic borescope to find the corpse. You can drill the walls about a coin-sized hole, some inches off the ground, into the drywall of the cavity which seems to be emitting the smell. In case you do not find anything, you can try another hole. Then, if you see a dead rat, you have to cut 6 by 9 inch hole in the drywall to remove and dispense with the corpse. After that, reseal the drywall.

Now, you do not need to be confused again about rats in the walls how to get rid of. You just have to follow the steps above to kill the rats. Or if you find a dead rat, you need to remove it by doing the way that we have explained above.

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