How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice in Garage

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Rats like living in a places that are dirty and hidden for creating their nests such as attic, garage, wall, or warehouse. So, you need to keep your house clean on every parts to avoid rats. One of places that is loved by rats is in garage. In the garage, there are a lot of tools, bicycles, workbench, and also boxes with unknown content. All of those tools can be a chance for rats to climb and sneak into hiding areas. So, you need home remedies to get rid of rats.

There are some reasons why rats are attracted to live in your garage.

·         Water. In case there are leaky pipes, it is better to fix them and never let any still water puddle on your floor because if you do not fix them, it can attract rats to come.

·         Food. In case there are vegetables or fruits put in your garage, it will be a good place to visit by rats particularly if you have garden in your backyard.

·         Narrow spaces. Rats like messy environments because they provide them not only with warmer shelter but also a lot of hiding spots when a predator is spotted.

·         Past infestations. In case you had a prior infestation and there are still some nesting residue, new rats will be attracted.

How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice in Garage

You might want to get rid of them but how to get rid of rats without killing them? If you want to get rid of them but you do not want to kill them, you can use glue traps. Glue traps do not kill them but it will keep them stuck until they starve to death. So, after you get the rats in the trap, you can kill caught rats by yourself or transfer the rats to an area far away from your house. You can also get rid of rats without caring whether the rats dead or not. You can use the methods below.

·         Get a cat or more. You have to know that rats are smart animals. If they know that there are cats in your garage, they will know that it is not safe to live in that place. Cat also might catch some of them but the most of rats will simply leave their nests and run as far as possible.

·         Set a rat deterrent. It is an electronic device which uses ultrasonic sound to basically give rats a headache for coming close to your house.

·         Use poison. It is a successful method of killing, repelling and keeping future infestations away. However, if you use poison, you have to be careful with your kids and pets.

·         Call a professional exterminator. They have the knowledge and equipment to fight any infestation. No matter how severe the infestation, they can clean all residue and even guarantee you a life free from rats. If you want to know how to get rid of rats in house fast, you can call the professional exterminator.

So, which methods will you do to get rid of rats? You can try whichever you want.

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