How to Get Rid of Rat Mites

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When you find rat mites in your house, you probably feel worried because you are afraid that they can cause diseases. They can be found in houses where rats have died recently and they will readily bite humans and feed off their blood. There are three rat mites which will attack human, they are the spiny rat mite, the house mouse mite and the tropical rat mite. They are very small and it is hard to know whether you have them in your house. Then, the question is how to get rid of mites on rats?

If you have rats as your pet, you are able to spot the symptoms of the mite first. The symptoms are usually inflammation of the skin, white specks of dust on the hair follicles of rats, intense itching, and scabs around the neck, shoulders and face of the rats. After you find the symptoms, the rats need to get a treatment from your vet. After the rats get treatment, you have to clean anything which can harbor the mites. You have to do it 24 hours after the treatment is administered and then isolate the rats so that the mites cannot spread to the other pet in your house.

How to Get Rid of Rat Mites

If you have rats but not as your pets, and you also find the mites of them, in this case you need to get rid rats fast. You can get rid of them by using live cage, standard lethal snap trap or even poisons. But, if you get rid of rats by using poisons you have to be careful because it can be dangerous for your pets and kids as well. Then, you also perhaps wonder,can rat mites live on humans? Well, they perhaps cannot live on humans but they can bite you. So, you need to get rid of rat mites. First, you can discover the rats and their nests and you need to get rid of them first. After that, you have to clean your house by vacuuming the entire parts of your house to remove the mites. In case your vacuum has a bag, freeze it to kill mites and prevent them from crawling back out. In case the vacuum has a canister, you can apply a bleach solution or disinfectant it to kill the mites inside and then wipe it out with a moist cloth.

You really need to get rid of rat mites because they can bite you. What do mites bites look like? Their bites are irritating and unpleasant. Mite bites usually cause skin irritations, rashes or blisters and give that creepy-crawly feeling. But, you do not need to be worried because they do not often transmit diseases or pose a health risk to humans. There is a small risk that mites feeding off infected rats could transmit diseases to humans. Do rat mites burrow in skin? Perhaps no. Rat mites, especially spiny rat mites, usually burrow by day in cracks and crevices around rat nests and resting places.

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