How to Get Rid of Rat Infestation

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Rats are warm-blooded rodents which can live almost everywhere. Most rats will build their nests in attics, porches, basements, under concrete and behind walls. Their big front teeth can chew through almost anything and they can be harmful when they take up residence in your house because they carry parasites and diseases. So, when you find rat infestation in house, you need to get rid of them to avoid any diseases that can be caused by them. Before we find out the steps to get rid of rat infestation, we have to identify the rats infestation that includes:

·         Rats droppings

·         Signs of chewing on food package, wires and the other furniture

·         Nesting material like fabric, shredded paper or dried plant matter

·         Stale smells that come from hidden areas

·         Holes chewed through walls and floors which make entry points into your home

How to Get Rid of Rat Infestation

If then you find rat mites, it is worse. Now, let’s take a look some methods that you can do to get rid of rat infestation in your house.

·         Having cats

Cats are predators of rodents and they are great hunters. If you have a good cat, it will clean up your rat infestation in just several weeks. But, you have to remember that cat cannot catch a rat which is in the attic or behind a wall.

·         Using glue boards

Glue boards can trap rats until you can remove them. But, you have to make sure that you only set glue boards in case you have a plan to kill them. In case you discover a rat in a glue trap which has not been killed, you have to stomp on it with a booth to kill it.

·         Setting snap rat trap or rat poison

You are able to buy these items in a hardware store or other retailers. If you want to use rat poison, you have to note that it will not kill the rats instantly. It will take up to a week. You have to use the poison carefully because it can be dangerous for people and pets. If you use trap for rat infestation solution, you have to check the traps regularly. Traditional snap trap is more human than rat poison because it will kill the rat immediately.

·         Contacting a local exterminator

You can get rid of rats infestation by contacting an exterminator . Describe your rat infestation problem to the professional exterminator and then the exterminator will propose a removal method. If the exterminator will use poisons or chemicals, you have to think carefully about it because it can be dangerous for people in your house as well. Then, compare the price and methods of some extermination companies. Select the one that you are comfortable with. Remember, select an exterminator that can give you guarantee that the rats will not come again.

Some people underestimate the existence of rats infestation in their house. Whereas it can give rat infestation health risks. So, you can start to apply the methods above to get rid of rats infestation in your house.

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