How to Get Rid of Palm Rats

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Perhaps, you often see rodents in your house. Even at night you cannot sleep well because you hear scratching sound from the roof where the rodents reside. Then, it will be an upset thing when you find that they gnaw wires, your furniture and even your food. Rodents such as roof rats or mice are nocturnal creatures. It means they will look for food and nest by damaging your things at night while you are sleeping. So, where do roof rats go during the day? During the day, they are usually in their nests or out to do what they will do during night time escapades.

For your information, actually there are a lot of types of rodents including kangaroo rats, palm rats, mouse and many others. In this article, we are going to discuss about palm rats and how to get rid of them. Palm rats are actually known as roof rats, black rats, or citrus rats. They belong to the Muridae family of the rodent species. Usually they are found in the areas with a tropical climate.

How to Get Rid of Palm Rats
This kind of rats like to nest above the ground in trees particularly the palm tree. That’s why they are also called palm rats. To get rid of the palm rats Florida, actually you can do by yourself by trapping them. But, if you do not want to do that because you think that it is complicated and disgusting, you can call the professionals. You can look for some professionals and then compare the prices. But, you also have to make sure that the professional who you choose can guarantee that rodents will not come again in a short period. Then, after thinking again, perhaps you want to get rid of rodents by yourself. So, you can seal all potential entryways via the roof. Then, you also can remove any vines that may be acting as a bridge to your roof. Eliminating their food source is also good idea. You can do that by keeping all your edibles tucked away in cabinets and keep the trees and plants trimmed to avoid any chance of nesting. Then, you can try to scare them away with sounds. But, you have to know that palm tree rats are adaptive animals and they will finally grow accustomed to the noise.

If you live in Florida, then you have to know about the types of rats in Florida including roof rats, Norway rats, and wood rats. Roof rats grow 3 – 8 inches in length and usually they are black or dark brown in color with long tails and big eyes and ears. Norway rats can grow up to 16 inches and usually they have shaggy and brown or grey color with shorter tails than their bodies. Wood rats can grow up to 7 inches and are roughly the similar size as Norway rats. You are able to differentiate them with Norway rats due to their hamster-like look- they have long, soft, fine fur and furry tails. Then, how about kangaroo rats? You can read our article about that in this site. So, keep reading, guys.

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