How to Get Rid of Mole Rat Disease

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Perhaps you spend a lot of hours in Fallout 4 and then you discover a little indicator on your Pip-Boy which says that you have something that is Molerat Disease. Well, in the early stage of Fallout 4, you will deal with mole rats. They usually attack you in groups and they are a bit of a challenge. A specific type of mole rats can infect you with a mole’s disease that is not easy to heal. This pesky sickness has infected a big portion of the Fallout 4 player population. But,  they do not know what it is and how to cure it. So, what is Mole Rat Disease? If you have it, you will probably remember Vault 81. This underground fortress featured a little mission called Hole in the Wall that is tasked you with discovering a cure for a sick little boy who had been bitten by a molerat. Talk about rat disease in real life, if you find rats in your home you need to get rid of them. To know how to get rid of rats in home, you can read another article in this site.

On this mission, if you got bitten or your companion was bit or you had blood splashed onto you, it means you were infected. It also means that you are stuck with the disease unless you can cure it that will give you a permanent -10 hit to your HP. And now the question is how do you get rid of Molerat disease in Fallout 4? At the end of that mission, you were given a selection to keep the cure, split the cure or give it all to Austin that is a sick boy from Vault 81. In case you select the latter then unfortunately the cure is all gone.

In case you split or saved the cure, you are able to cure yourself easily by using that item. In case you are still at this point in the story there is a hope for you. A bug that may be patched out later can be used to get all the good of giving away the cure, while actually keeping and using it for yourself. During the dialogue with the doctor, when he asks whether you will give up the cure, you can simply move around until you break the conversation and then go into your Pip-Boy and use the cure. When you see the doctor again you should still be able to choose to option to give away the cure. There are some tips to avoid the Mole Rat infection.

·         The vivid tip is not to be bitten by one of these mole rats. You can jump to increase levels and shoot the little monsters with the help of VATS before they can be in your vicinity.

·         Several players say that they have not been bitten and they are still suffering from the disease. It could be an error in the game. So, you can go around by completing the quest without companion.

·         You should refrain from taking the robot with you because it may happen that you are infected with the mole rat’s disease when your robot is bitten.

You can take the drug for yourself, rather than give it to the little boy. Heal the Austin and you will get a weapon that is unique from Dr. Forsythe.

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