How to Get Rid of Kangaroo Rats

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When you see rodents in your house, you might not notice about their types. Something that you just know is that they have long tail, the colour is black, brown or grey and they are very dirty. But, you have to know that rodents consist of several types. You need to know about the type and also the best mouse trap bait so that you can get rid of them easily. One of the rodent types is kangaroo rat.

You can find this type of rat thru dry regions in the continental U.S. that exclude Alaska. Since they feed on plant seeds, grains and the plants themselves, they are able to become a pest. The types of kangaroo rats are 23 types and five of them are listed as endangered.

How to get rid of them? You can get rid of them by following the methods below.

  1. You have to limit access to food. Put the seed and grain in airtight, rigid plastic or metal bins. Growing grasses or grain perhaps can pull kangaroo rats. So, you have to plant the crops in the early spring months before the expansion of kangaroo rat populations. Grow a border of non grain vegetation around your garden or pasture.
  2. You have to trap the kangaroo rats by using a live or lethal mouse trap. You can get it from the most hardware stores. After you get the trap, you need to bait the traps with a scoop of peanut butter or pieces of whole corn and put them in the areas where they stay or near kangaroo rat burrows. In case you use a live trap, you need to check the trap every 4 – 5 hours. If then you see that the rat is captured, you have to release them at least a mile from your home.
  3. The next step that you can do to get rid of kangaroo rats is scaring the kangaroo rats away. This method is ideal, humane and low effort. You just need to set up ultrasonic rodent repellents around the perimeter of the garden, barn or pasture. The devices radiate a piercing sound which is rodents cannot stand. You are able to treat the perimeter by using powder formulated from bobcat urine or a rodent repellent spray. It will trick the kangaroo rats into thinking a predator is nearby. How many babies do kangaroo rats have at that time, we do not know for sure. Perhaps, in their nest, they have so many babies that will grow fast and make you more difficult to get rid of them. So, get rid of them as soon as possible is the best action that you need to do.
  4. You can also use poison to get rid of the kangaroo rats. You can use a water based poison because the rodents are drawn to moisture. You can find a standard rodent anticoagulant that causes uncontrolled internal bleeding. It is effective and you can find it in a hardware store. You are able to mix the poison with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions because toxicity varies widely by product. You can set the poison out in shallow dishes in the areas of problem.

Now, you have known how to catch a kangaroo rat by reading the methods above. It is time for you to apply the methods above to get rid of the kangaroo rats and be ready for saying goodbye to the rats.

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