How to Get Rid of Dead Rat Smell

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There is no worse thing than smelling the dead rats. When you realize that you smell dead rats, then the problem is you have to find the rats or the smell will be there for several weeks. A dead rat produces putrid odor that is nasty mix of chemicals that are generated when the body decomposes and it includes sulfur dioxide and methane.The time for rats to decompose will depend on a lot of factors such as temperature, size of rats, humidity and accessibility to decomposers like flies. So, how long does it take for a dead rat to stop smelling? Well, it can take to three weeks or more to completely decompose and if you let the dead rats inside your house, it means you will smell the dead rats throughout the time. If then you remove the source of dead rat smell, the unsettling scent can linger for up to two weeks. So, when you smell the dead rats, you have to do something as soon as possible to get rid of the smell.

If you often hear sound of scratching and squeaking on the roof, it means there are roof rats in your house and you need to get rid of them. As we know that rats can distribute more than 20 diseases and it can harm people. If the rats is alive, you can get rid of the rats by installing trap but how if the rats has been dead and produce the odor that is very annoying in your house? The first thing that you have to do is to look for the source. How to find a dead mouse in your house? You are able to begin looking for an increased the presence of maggots, beetles, flies and the other insects which are attracted to dead animals. In case flies seem to be hovering or landing near a particular area on a wall or floor, you can try sniff test.

How to Get Rid of Dead Rat Smell

If the odor seem stronger at that spot, it can be caused by body fluids that seep out of a carcass. So, you have to keep an eye out for stains on sheetrock or ceiling tiles. After you find the location of the dead rat, you need to remove it. When you remove it, make sure that you wear protective gloves and respirators because rats are known carriers of a multitude of diseases. The clothes that you wear when you were handling the rats should also be thrown away.  After that, you need to open windows and using fans to remove the odor. Then, deodorizing air fresheners and disinfectants can also help you to remove the smells. If you have removed all the dead rats, you also need to clean the areas where nests, droppings or the other signs of rats activity were present with a disinfectant. You can place Stay Away Mice pouches in the place using 1 pouch per 8 square feet in case the rat problem persists or just 1 pouch per 125 square feet to prevent future problems.

You can also remove the dead rat smell by a non toxic bio enzymatic spray odor eliminator like Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator by Rocco & Roxie. This spray can help you to remove organic strains from urine, feces, vomit and others as well as organic smells. Based on the review of the customers, it can work well with dead birds and toads. So, it must work against rats as well.

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