DIY Redneck Mouse Trap that Work

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There are a lot of kinds of mouse traps that you can create to get rid of mice in your house. You can get rid of the mice by killing them or even without killing them at all. You can choose which kind of mouse trap that is suitable for you.

If you want to get rid of mouse without having to kill them because you think that it is not humane and you cannot see them dead in front of you, you can create mouse trap that will not kill them such as coke bottle mouse trap, 2 liter soda mouse trap and many others. Or if you do not have a problem with killing the mouse, this redneck mouse trap bucket seems to be suitable for you.

DIY Redneck Mouse Trap
Are you ready? Here are the steps to make the trap.

  1. First, you need to prepare the materials and tools that are needed. Well, the materials that you need are 5 gallon bucket, can, wire of some sort, peanut butter, water and stick or board or anything which will work as a ramp. Then, the tools that you need are pliers, hole punch or drill and wire cutters if your pliers do not have them.
  2. Now, you have to drill 2 pits in the can. Get your drill or improvised hole punch and make two pits in the can. One in the top near the tab and one in the bottom directly in the center.
  3. In this stage, drill holes in the bucket but it is optional. In case you wish you are able to drill holes in your bucket to hold the wire or can suspended. You have to make sure that the holes are direct opposite of each other and about an inch or so from the top.
  4. After that, you have to insert wire. Get a length of wire and thread it through the can. You need to thread enough through so that the length of the wire is about 4 inches longer than the diameter of the bucket. If you drilled pits in your bucket, you have to thread the wire though those holes and then bend the wire around the lid and wrap the extra wire around. It will lock it into place. Reposition can hang in the middle of the bucket opening.
  5. Now, lean ramp on side of bucket.
  6. Fill your bucket with some water. This trap is different from glue mouse traps where the mouse will patch until it die. So, you have to measure the water and think that the mouse will not jump from the bucket.
  7. In this step, don’t forget to bait your can. You can take some spoonful of peanut butter and then spread it all around the can.
  8. Now, you can step back and leave it alone for as long as you are able stand to keep away. When you come back to that trap, you should see some mice that are floating there.

So, that’s all the steps to make redneck mouse trap. You can try to make it now and hopefully a lot of mice that will be trapped there.

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