Coke Bottle Mouse Trap

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Mouses in your house may have disturbed you by gnawing food in your house. If you have a plan to get rid of them with friendly and humane trap that is also easy to operate, you need to create a soda cola bottle mouse trap. Even though this trap is simple, but it is effective enough to catch mouses that always hang around your in house. To create this trap, you can follow the simple steps below.

1. First, you need to prepare the parts. They are:

  • Small soda, cola bottle and the cap
  • A small piece of 2×4 wood
  • One screw
  • A metal coat hanger
  • 2 pointy things, it can be nails or pins
  • A clothes pin or paper clip

And also prepare the tools including:

  • A drill
  • A drill bit that is larger than a coat hanger
  • A drill bit which is smaller than a coat hanger
  • Pliers
  • Screw driver
  • Cutters
  • Hammer

2. After all the tools and parts are prepared, now take the 2 nails or pins and then lift the bottle. Find the balance point by putting the pins at the similar spot on opposite sides of the bottle. Mark the spot.Now, make 2 more marks 6 mm in front of those marks towards the bottle opening so that the bottle will be balanced a little bit more towards the rear.In that place, you are going to drill 2 holes which are one size larger than the coat hanger rod.

3. It’s time for building the pivot. Take cutters and cut the bottom part of the coat hanger. After that, cut that piece into 2, one piece longer than the other. You have to use the shorter one to enter the holes into the bottle and put it against the wood so as to have 13 mm of clearance at the bottom of the bottle. Hammer it into the 2×4 like a nail. Slide the bottle to it and use the clothespin to hold it.

4. Pick out another piece of coat hanger and then bend a hook in it at a 90 degree angle. Pick out your screw and washer and screw it into the wood. Then, slide the hook under the washer and then snug it down.

5. Pick out the drill that is smaller and drill 2 pits in the side of the cap. Take the cap and wiggle and push and slide it onto the rod.

6. Now, move the bottle up and down. Move and adjust the cap so that it does not touch the bottle.

7. In this stage, you have to bait the bottle. You can use peanut butter. Put a little bit peanut butter in the top of inside of the bottle as far in as you can reach with your finger.

8. Now, place the trap along a wall or the runway of the rats. By the way, to catch a mouse with household items like this will save your money as well.

9. If then the trap is successful to catch the mouse, take it to the place where you will release him.

What do you think? You can try to create it. If you want to see how this trap works, you can watch the video on Youtube.

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