Bucket Mouse Trap in Action

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Mouse is probably one of the most common home invaders. Mice can make a lot of problem in your home, including damaging your walls and eating your food. Their behaviours are indeed annoying and can make your and your family uncomfortable. To solve the problem, everyone seek for a way out. Over the years, there have been many products produced and methods made to get rid of mice. Some of them are working while some are not.

Among the methods to get rid of mice, there is the most effective one called mouse trap. Some are lethal, some are modern enough to capture mice without harming every single of them. Being familiar with the types of mouse trap is the good thing before choosing which one to use for the infestation problem. Remember that mice and rats have different size, so they require different raps.

One of the most popular mouse traps is called bucket mouse trap. This tool can catch many mice in the single trap. It is so simple. Then, how to make one? Here are the steps to make it for you. First of all, you have to prepare the materials. The first one is 5 gallon bucket. It is said that 5 gallon mouse trap not working, but it is not wrong to try it. The other things you should prepare are dowel (the one that will work is wood, even metal is best), tin can (the pop one works fine), peanut butter, and scrap of wood for ramp.

After preparing the materials, the next thing you have to do to make bucket of death for mice is to drill holes at the top of the bucket. It is on 2 opposite sides. You also have to drill holes in the middle of each flat side of a soda can. Then, insert the dowel via the bucket holes and the soda can holes so it will end up with a unit that looks like the image. Afterward, bait with peanut butter and add a ramp for the mice to get up. Finally, fill the bottom several inches with water if you want to kill the mice. Please leave it instead in case you want to release them somewhere or feed them live to your snake.

Making the bucket mouse trap is as easy as soda bottle mouse trap. Both of them also are similar in the term of working. For the bucket one, the trap works when a mouse at the top of the ramp tries to jump onto the tin can to eat the bait (food for example). Then, the weight of the mouse throws the can into motion. This step will buck the mouse off into the bucket below.

Some people use the green liquid in the bottom of the bucket. Some others use the antifreeze instead. This thing can help to preserve the mice and prevent them from rotting and making the huge problem. How is this method of getting rid of mice? Do you thing it can work well? Hope find the success and all of your mice can be trapped by 5 gallon bucket mouse trap peanut butter.

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