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Have you watched cartoons that show a mouse being trapped with cheese as the bait? Well, cheese is one of the best trap bait for mouse but you also have to know that there are still more baits that you can use when you try to catch mouse in your house. Something that you have to note is that mouse will be attracted to aromatic food which include sugar, fats or protein.

To catch mouse in your house, you can buy the best mouse traps Home Depot. Then, when you choose a type of mouse bait, you have to look for strong smelling food that will draw the mouse into your traps. Some types of food below are considered to be the best mouse trap bait that can be used to catch mouse. They are include:

Best Mouse Traps Bait

  1. Hot dog
  2. Bacon or sausage
  3. Cheese
  4. Chocolate
  5. Peanut butter
  6. Cat food or dog food
  7. Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds
  8. Jelly beans
  9. Honey
  10. Breakfast cereal
  11. Cookies
  12. Gum drops

Before you buy and set a trap, you can read the best mouse trap reviews first to have the best trap. When you set a trap and apply the bait in it, you have to think about the other factors that can make your trap and the bait effective in catching the mouse. It means you cannot only rely on to the trap and also the bait that you choose. But you also have to think about the amount of bait that you should use, the placement of bait and also the placement of the trap.

· The amount of bait

Perhaps you used a lot of bait in the trap but it did not work at all in catching mouse. You have to note that it is not important to use a lot of bait. It can be a good thing if you use just a small amount of bait because you will not feed the mouse or even naked mole rat but to attract it to enter to the trap. So, just use enough bait to produce strong smell.

· The placement of bait

If you use traditional snap trap, you have to put the bait on the trigger mechanism. Generally there are a few short metal spikes on the trigger to hold solid bait but if you want to use sticky bait, it is also good. You just need to make sure that the bait is held securely with snap trap. If you use electronic mouse trap and humane trap, you have to put the bait as far into the trap as possible right up to the far end. To be more effective, you can use the best mouse trap ever.

· The placement of the trap

Never put the trap at random. You have to think about what kind of track that is usually passed by mouse. Mouse navigate by keeping their whiskers in contact with a flat surface. So, you can put the baited trap close to a wall, along the runways of mouse.

When you set the baited trap, you also have to remember about changing it regularly because old bait can be bad and the smell can be lessen so that it will be less attractive for mouse.

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